UncategorizedHow couple fights turn into Couple Goals with Vastu?

March 10, 2024by Neha Bajorria

Did you planned your house well according to the astronomical and considered the occult science Vastu Shastra, to eliminate any significance of #couplefights or dissatisfaction? If yes, what you nodded your head in, then let us tell you that a well-planned house can also bring forward disturbances around your home and can potentially contribute to a negative atmosphere along with enhancing stress and discord harmony. Does this mean that you need to get the vastu done once again? Certainly not, here Check for these vastu disturbance by just removing those can assist in mending up the gaps from nasty #couplefights to harmonious #couplegoals.

  1. Check for the Bedroom Arrangements: A bedroom is a place, where moments filled with warmth are nurtured through positive energy in space. But, a bedroom with irregular shapes, awkward corner arrangement or improper placement of mirror or television can turn the table upside down. This imbalance can lead to disturbance in sleep, along with constant disagreement between couples leading to #immature catfights.
  2. An untidy arrangement: Clutter accumulation is considered one of the most negative influential challenge. Management of clutter and disorganized living spaces can create a sense of disharmony between couples. The best tip to correct this vastu challenge will be to keep your home, specifically your bedroom clutter-free and thoroughly organized to improve the positive energy flow.
  3. Unbalanced Elements: The main significance of Vastu is to balance the energy through balancing the five elements. These elements include balancing the chakras and bring in harmonious vibes. This can be best put in place by clearing the negative energy flow things such as cramped spaced, cluttered surroundings and more. Negative energy stagnation in certain areas may force in stress and when the clutter is spread around the bedroom then the couple aura turns negative and fights accumulate in routine.
  4. Wrong Selection of light: There has been trend to have dim lighting in a couple’s room on the name of romance, however according to vastu when the house position is thoroughly done and inadequate lightening ruins the spot. Inadequate lightning specially in bedroom of a couple leads to health issues and potential disagreements between partners.
  5. Negative artefacts: It is often believed that the home exhibit the taste of homeowner, but sometime the interest of the landlord is exhibited in the form of Decorative items, artwork, or symbols with negative associations which will inadvertently create an atmosphere of tension and dissatisfaction at home. I generally advise people to depict positive energy paintings such as of holiday photographs to be framed and placed in East of North East (ENE). To strengthen the bond between couples it should be placed in South West. To ignite intimacy in relationship place in North of North West (NNW)

Vastu has been an occult science which has aimed to improve the lifestyle and changed the conflicts into positive relations. It is essential to approach vastu experts with the prominent issues and improve the understanding and concerns as you work together to cultivate through a supportive atmosphere at home.


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