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February 15, 2023by Neha Bajorria

We all have seen the common sculpture of the laughing buddha in almost every Indian household. But did you know that the custom of keeping this sculpture that symbolizes wisdom and intellect actually belongs to an ancient Chinese practice called feng shui. Slowly and subtly Feng Shui has taken a grip over our Indian culture. Laughing Buddha has replaced our deva of intellect and wisdom- Lord Ganesha, Chinese title immersed in water has replaced out TURTLE which is one of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Chinese Wind Chimes has replaced Puja Bell, which produces positive frequencies and vibration and many more.

Over the years, the Chinese culture did not only replace our ancient beliefs but has also made the people vulnerable and easy targets. For example people are oblivious of the fact that another common statue of the Three Legged Frog with a coin can directly affect brain chemistry and contribute to mental instability or the Chinese Dragon Sculpture can have adverse effect like It can cause self-confidence to dwindle. Many great learned people has been warning the world about Feng Shui! By busting myths such as how Chinese coins attract wealth, luck and prosperity, to challenging common beliefs. Remember how once upon a time, people used to stop on the way of a CAT, that CAT crossing the path was considered inauspicious. And now thanks to Feng Shui people pray to the golden effigy of the same cat in the house. It is estimated that only in India, Chinese products has a turnover of more than 10,000 crore rupees and encouraging this foreign practice only acts like a weapon against our own economy.

One must stop and question-why we as Indians who belong to the land of many ancient cultural teaching and have a rich heritage, allow ourselves to fall victims to these foreign cultures. We must take pride in our own beliefs and faith. Therefore, let us all pledge “NOT TO SACRIFICE” our Indian VALUES in the hands of any foreign land. Come join us in our CAMPAIGN to extinguish this Chinese tradition and enlighten our people with the solution called VASTU SHASTRA


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