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February 16, 2023by Neha Bajorria

Are you facing repeated setbacks in your career?

Are you working hard but not getting the kind of progress you desire?

Do you often come across hurdles despite being efficient and proactive at work?

Do you often fall prey to office politics and loose good opportunities?

If you are repeatedly facing these situations in life and career, then it is time to take a look at some of the vastu defects which may be disturbing the energy flow of your home and hence creating troubles at work, whether in job or business.

The following vastu doshas may be hampering your progress at work:

1. Yellow Color in North
One of the single biggest reasons for people who get stuck in their careers and businesses and hence not able to scale up the operations is the presence of yellow colour in the North. There are five elements in nature which form the basis of the creation in the universe. The house is also a combination of five elements. Yellow represents earth element and North is direction of water element which invites money and opportunities of growth into your life. Presence of yellow blocks the flow of vital energies in the North, stopping growth and progress at work.

2. Entrance in South West
An entrance in the South West direction of the house is a strict no, as it is considered to be one of the biggest vastu dosha. Earth element is present in South West direction and hence a symbol of solidity and stability. Thus South West governs financial stability, mental stability and stability in relationships as well as health. An entrance in this direction marks instability as also the energy of Rahu is highly fluctuating in this direction.
3. Toilet in West
Being the direction of profits, gains, motivation as well as expansion, a toilet in this direction causes multiple hurdles in business and other work areas. If you often reach close to the last step of success but then fail to achieve it, a toilet in the west could be one of the reasons.

4. Store in East
East being the direction of the rising sun, it calls for the rays of the sun to illuminate the entire earth, and so do the energies of the East direction which brighten your career and business. A study room in this direction is highly suitable, but not a store room which blocks the energy flow. Powerful connections and strong network is essential for getting ahead in career and hence any energy block in this direction causes one to lose reputation with peers and seniors.

5. Septic Tank in North West
If your boss, employers and colleagues do not support you, your growth will be minimal. The major vastu dosha in North West is presence of septic tank and hence as per the rules, you may never find the support necessary from the right people. In business, this direction helps in getting support from the banks, financial institutions, and financiers.

Practical Vastu Tips for Guaranteed Promotion
• Do you love flowers? Then why wait? Place fresh flowers in a vase on the east side of your work desk. It is very important that the flower arrangement have a few buds as they represent new beginnings.
• Do not keep dry flowers at the home as they bring in negativity.
• Place a happy family picture at your work desk to fight stress and depression
• Open spaces ahead of you invite positive energies while working, and help you perform better by welcoming new ideas. Wooden furniture is considered to be the best.
• Keeping plants in the South-East of the office supports business and money growth.
• Facing the North direction while working helps in boosting concentration.
Practical Tips for Improving the Performance and Excel At Work

Apart from the above mentioned concerns and tips to address them, following simple yet extremely crucial practical work related tips will ensure you remain on track and hence excel in every area of your life.

• Taking initiative to work on new projects and responsibilities will show your proactiveness in the eyes of the management. Taking risks shows you are capable and willing to stretch.
• Be your own evaluator as it is one of the best ways to achieve career success. Do not wait for annual appraisal but proactively keep assessing your performance from time to time. Identify and set quantifiable goals and set a timeline to achieve them. Start with short term goals, with a detailed plan to achieve them and hence keep monitoring your strategy. You can show your own performance report to your managers.
• Be ready to learn and always keep adding to your knowledge. No matter what University you have graduated in, or what grades you had, professional life will be very different. Be prepared to be curious to learn the answers to millions of questions which pop-up everyday. Show the management you are coachable, paying attention as well as willing to learn new skills.


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