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July 15, 2021by Neha Bajorria

We are all living in a world of struggle and need. In a constant chase for hope and healing, the lives we lived before the pandemic seems like a distant dream. Work from home and online meeting have become the new norm. While everyone is looking for the a physical cure, many don’t even realize to give attention to our mental being. Studies have shown an increase in the number of mental health cases during the span of the Covid pandemic. So, in this article I want to talk about something that should have been addressed a long time ago- mental well being during the pandemic. 

Working from home not only keeps you confide indoors but also brings the stress and pressure of work right at your doorstep. To cope up with this try facing towards the eastern direction while working a sit is known to have a more positive resonance. Also keeping your workplace clean and tidy helps with anxiety and makes you feel at peace. With an untidy work place, the mind comprehends chaos and confusion which is not what you want while trying to meet important deadlines. This will work better if your work space faces the north east direction which according to Vaastu is known as the direction of clarity of mind. Now, we all can agree that working from home has a lot of distraction. From kids running around to the kitchen blender being used and if you live alone, just the pull of our Netflix addiction can easily reduce our productivity. So to increase concentration keep a water source in the north east direction as it is the home of the element water and bring positivity and reduces the chance of loss of focus. If this is not possible you can also keep a glass of water near you while working to gain the same results. Finally, at the end of a long hard working day, one needs to make sure to have a relaxed mind and dispose off any stress before calling it a night. Sleeping with your head towards east or south east is said to be optimal as both these directions stands for a rested, relaxed and refreshed mind. To go an extra mile, you can also have a yellow colour dustbin where you work as it is the colour of disposal.

These are hard times, people have lost their jobs, their livelihood, many have lost their health and many have also lost their loved ones. Living in isolation, helpless and scared is hard and it is natural for our minds to take a hit. Thus these tips can easily be applied by anyone who is currently battling anxiety and stress. It is time to heal not just for our bodies but for our minds too.


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