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July 19, 2021by Neha Bajorria

From the morning 6 am alarm to reaching home after a long day, we all aim to achieve one thing- financial stability. Now, the harder it is to earn money, it’s equally hard to save it. This we realise at the end of every single month when the bank balance is in a dire need of our next pay check and the youngsters who have just started earning, stop going out and the good old ramen packets come to the rescue. So, I am going to tell you a handful of easy tips that anyone can practice to save money.

 For starters try keeping the home locker or the place where you keep money in the north because according to Vaastu, the northern direction is known as the direction of wealth and stability. It also is said to inhabit kuber, lord of wealth and prosperity. However, all the cheque books, passbooks and petty cash should be kept in the west-south west direction as it is recognised for encouraging gain and the practice of saving. Next, make sure that no water taps are leaking as it is direct indication of draining of money and if there is any, it should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. This way you are not only saving money but also saving water and reducing water wastage which is always a bonus. Moving on, have you ever caught yourself just taking the paper receipt for your recent purchase and just shoving it in your purse along with the change without thinking twice or is there a designated pocket in your handbag that is infamous for having all kinds of bills and random papers dating back a decade ! Its hard to admit but majority of the time this is quite the case, but what people don’t know is that keeping these kinds of torn paper and bills inside the purse attracts unwanted expenses which directly affect your hard work. So start cleaning your purses and wallets on a regular bases and avoid keeping pieces of unwanted receipts. Finally coming to the interiors of the home, not a lot of changes are needed in terms of saving money. It is advised to keep your entrance door decorated in order to attract the prosperity and wealth in your life without any hurdles. The similar principle is behind the practice of decorating the front of the house during Diwali as it is said that goddess Laxmi visits the house and bring wealth and prosperity. Lastly, keeping an owl in the west will insure you will spend your money productively as the owl is revered for its guardianship, and its abundance, which promotes personal development and financial success.

 Money outflow regulation or uncontrolled expenses, whatever may be your issue, there is always a solution lying in Indian occult science named Vastu. Especially during the times of covid where many have lost their jobs, and are financially stricken these few tips can help you to save the much needed money by controlling your payments and managing your income.


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